MARRYING music and visual art, Mohd Shafarin Ghani will be exhibiting his works accompanied by a special appearance by KLPac String Quartet.

Dubbed Oeuvre of Movement No.1, it comes in the form of seascapes produced with a technique known as chiaroscuro.

Shafarin: Music sings in my mind, colours flows in my eyes.
The technique is perfected by Rembrandt and means light-dark in Italian.

“As you drift deeper into the painting, your eyes will be delighted by an arresting view of never ending horizon of sinuous seascapes and billowing clouds.

“And voices are heard singing in a rhapsody of poetry and rhymes,” Shafarin said.

He described painting as, “An undulating harmonious sounds singing in my mind and vivid colours flowing in my eyes”.

“I use waves and skies to release my ideas and emotions as they have no boundaries,” he said.

Born in Penang and brought up in a humble environment, Shafarin embarked on a self-searching journey where he taught himself painting, music and literature through books and research.

Most of his works were conceived under the zinc roof of his small attap house.

Shafarin had his first solo exhibition when he was 17.

He was also composing music scores and writing poetry at that time.

Slowing down: A piece called Moderato.
Oeuvre of Movement No.1 will be exhibited at Core Design Gallery from Aug 8 to Sept 12 (between 7 and 10pm).

The gallery is located at No. 87, Jalan SS15/2A Subang Jaya. For details, call Sue Ngee Chin at 012-667 4348.