Solo Exhibition by M.Shafarin Ghani

Consisting of atmospheric seascapes Orchestrated to gives different mood according to musical terms, Oeuvre of Movement No. 1, as the exhibition title denotes, is a visual feast of musical brilliance translated into emotive and powerful artworks that inspires mind and soul.

The exhibition encompasses the art, poetry and musical philosophies and talents of young upcmoing Penang artist M.Shafarin Ghani, His paintings reflect a build up of mood and rhythm similar to a musical composition; red fiery paintings that signifies allegro (fast beat), the vivace of crashing waves then the gradual slow tempo penetrated by white light, and finally the calm of moderato in the stable harmony of waves and clouds.

Shafarin, an able music composer and self-taught artist, uses a renowned Chiaroscuro technique perfected by Rembrandt to conjure his rich and volatile waves. He describes his paintings as undulating harmonious sounds singing in your mind and vivid colors flowing in your eyes.